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Making Notes is an early stage, privately held company and subsidiary of iDispute, LLC.
We are building the world’s first automated intelligent online postal service.
Based upon consumer’s online purchasing habits our mission is to help the courier industry advance and transform the way online mail is processed and delivered.
Our stand alone auto-robotic technology is currently processing and delivering mail and our technology solution can be easily integrated into existing major courier shipping platforms to enhance operational efficiency and revenues.
The increased purchasing power of digitally native consumers makes it critical for shipping carriers to be aware of the postal needs of several demographics. One demographic in particular are the millennials those aged 18-34 actively engaged to the internet that prefer postal service tasks to become effortless with less interaction with postal centers and online couriers - noting less time spent interacting with a postal carrier the better. The automated self-service postal center appeals to the needs of current and future generations to come.
Please check back with us as we will continually update you on our business and investor relations progress.
To learn more about partnerships and investment opportunities, please contact us.
USPS Facts and Figures HERE
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